Nearshoring has attracted the interest of many companies around the world. It involves relocating factories from the home country to a nearby location that offers lower costs in various aspects, such as wages, electricity, fuel, inputs, and even taxes. In this sense, Mexico has become an attractive and promising destination for its economy, generating employment, attracting foreign investment, promoting infrastructure, and fostering development.

Recently, China has intensified its participation in nearshoring in Mexico, leading to over 100 Chinese companies establishing themselves in the country. According to the Mexico-Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and the Mexico-China Chamber of Commerce and Technology, China has leased over 5 million square meters of industrial warehouses in the country, thus consolidating its presence in the Mexican market. This trend of relocation arises as a response to the disruption of the Chinese market with the American market, and is fueled by the potential benefits of the Mexico, United States, and Canada Agreement (USMCA), which provides access to the world’s largest market.

The relocation of Chinese companies to Mexico is already a palpable reality. Notable examples include Grupo Hengli, State Power Investment Corp, Lizhong, Citic Dicastal, and Alibaba, among others. These companies have found in Mexico a conducive environment to expand their operations and benefit from existing infrastructure, skilled labor, and offered economic incentives.

Among the most favored cities are Guanajuato, Queretaro, Monterrey, Saltillo, Mexico City, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juarez. These locations have become attractive destinations for foreign investment, generating a significant boost to their economic development.

The Poligono Industrial San Miguel, located in the heart of Bajio, serves as a pillar for all those companies looking to relocate in Mexico. This industrial park is situated in one of the country’s main industrial corridors, with direct access to important communication routes such as highways 45 and 57, which connect the center to the north of Mexico, as well as the border with the United States, a key player for Nearshoring.

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