It was 2015 when Toyota confirmed its plans to locate a new car factory in Mexico, specifically in Guanajuato, and though the original plan was to produce the Coralla, some factors made the brand decide to assemble the Tacoma in the facilities located in the municipality of Apaseo El Grande.

This is the second production factory of the Japanese brand in Mexico, since there is another one in the municipality of Tecate, in Baja California, where the medium pickup has also been produced for some years now.

The final product of both plants serves to supply the demand of the North American Block, so this truck is destinated for Canada, the United States (including the fulfilment of the conditions for exports to Hawaii and Puerto Rico) and our country to satisfy its demand.

The ‘Bajio’ plant, now is prepared for the production of 100,000 units per year, in addition to directly employing 1,000 workers. The combination of capacity between the two facilities, yields an annual production of 266 thousand Tacoma per year.

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The investment required was nearly 700 million dollars, but Toyota created a commitment in which they intend to disburse an extra 247 million more, for a total invested of 947 million dolars.

Toyota’s new plant in the entity has around 240 suppliers, of which seven arrived from Japan and the rest already had a distributor within the country. With all suppliers combined, more than 10,000 indirect Jobs are generated, all related to contribute to the assembly of the medium truck.

San Miguel de Allende joins the Bajío industrial boom

San Miguel de Allende is looking to achieve the complete package: consolidate its cultural tourism, innovate in business and consolidate in the industrial sector.

In 2014, a group of investors saw in San Miguel de Allende a business opportunity and established the Polígono Empresarial San Miguel de Allende industrial Park there, which is now in its second phase of sale.

15 kilometers from the center of the municipality, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the businessmen established the park, thus making it possible for San Miguel de Allende to enjoy its tourist and now also industrial vocation.

“It was a project that at the time could be perceived as risky, but very soon we realized that there is something different in San Miguel de Allende, due to the proximity of the automotive corridor with Guanajuato and the proximity to Querétaro. On that side, what we are looking for is simply to continue offering this exceptional product, that location, logistics and all the advantages of being here”, in the words of Andrés Lomelín, director of Colliers Querétaro.

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Polígono Empresarial San Miguel de Allende, is an industrial park of 200 hectares that in 2017 was completely occupied and that houses companies from countries such as Germany, Spain, the United States and Mexico, mainly focused on serving the automotive and aerospace markets.

Through this industrial estate - located at the exit to Querétaro, federal highway 111, kilometer 21 - San Miguel de Allende will detonate the industrial activity of the region and create the necessary infrastructure to host new companies. It should be noted that in the second phase of the San Miguel de Allende Business Estate, there are lots of land from 10,000 square meters.