The industrial development of a country is always anchored to the production of companies. In many countries, and even in Mexico, SMEs and large companies are considered essential to carry out the productive activities necessary for the country’s economic growth. Although, due to the severe crisis caused by the COVID-19 they have been affected, there is still the possibility of investing in relocating to an industrial park. It is a potential investment that allows to consolidate in emblematic areas due to their great geographic location and climatic conditions.

A Lifetime Investment in Industrial Parks

As of 2018, the dynamism of industrial parks in Latin America, particularly in Mexico has strengthened. An export-oriented economic model that was born in the eighties and gave openness to investments to many companies. In addition, the strategy has been that 90% of the parks are private and that their level of technology development has achieved a true autonomy of growth.

Since the emergence of the parks in Mexico has been improving to become an elite sector with external resources and a great technology. A clear example of growth can be seen in the Bajío cities, which contain some of the most important industrial zones in the country. It is an industrial zone that reveals great advantages due to its climatic and geographic conditions. In addition, cities with a high quality of life, such as San Miguel de Allende, make it the ideal place for a world-class infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, industrial lands are the right place to relocate from urban areas to industrial areas of the productive sector. A great investment for the development of any company. The exceptional conditions of the parks stand out as a high level and safe investment that has the necessary means for large companies and even foreign investments.

More advantages to invest in Industrial Parks

The critical situation with the pandemic has slowed down many investments, however, the future for companies must be taken into account. Investing today represents a vision for the future. More and more businesses are looking to establish themselves in industrial parks that have the resources, technology and the right geographic location for operations. Considering that Mexico has always been a country that manages to overcome economic crises, even today we can see the great opportunity, since it has 25 parks and the highest number of international recognitions and certifications.

Investing in an industrial park is the expansion of a company to a fully specialized space to house the industry. These areas have the necessary resources and resources for industrialization. Likewise, they are modern and adequate constructions under the regulations to carry out industrial activities. Thus, it is an investment in an infrastructure that will be the future of the company after the pandemic crisis.

Like Toyota, other automotive companies and companies from other sectors have made the decision to invest in their future. There are at least 500 in the automotive sector, including 100 Asian companies.